MCM Match-Up #2: Doomed Artifacts
Starting with Volume 3 of the MCM Podcast the team will be putting out a community challenge / Match-up each episode of the main show! The next episode we'll report out on how the community did (how many people played, the success rate and other statistics). Help us make Volume 3 better than ever by participating in these MCM Match-Ups!

The second MCM Match-Up is to take any combination (or solo) run at Red Skull [Rise of Red Skull] the Doomsday Chair [Core Set] and Galactic Artifacts [Galaxy's Most Wanted] modular sets. Use those artifacts to your advantage when MODOK comes out it's gonna hurt. (Blame Amerikano this time!) Report this match by 10/22!

You can play on standard, expert, or even - if you dare- heroic! Be sure to report back here with your teams matches so we can see how the community does!
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Tell us anything funny, horrible, or both from your match and we may read it on the show! You can include your aspect pairings if you want!
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