Couchsurfers in Class (for applicant)
Dear all travelers,

I am very glad that you are willing to participate in our project "Couchsurfers In Class."
This project is mainly about inviting foreign travelers to visit some rural schools in Taiwan when they are traveling in the country. It's not about teaching and lecturing, but about sharing and making friends with the students. After spending a day in the local school with the students, we hope that the Taiwanese students would have a chance to meet people from different backgrounds, and would see a new world beyond their imagination. On the other hand, as for the travelers, this project provides the opportunity for you to get involved in the typical daily life of Taiwanese.

Our whole project is built on mutual trust. We won't charge travelers nor schools anything, and we are not earning any money from this project either. This is a non-profit project, and we try to know all of our cooperators as best as we could in order to provide a quality service.
I know that all the people who want to participate in this project are very kind, open-minded and trustworthy. However, it is necessary for us to know some more about you, so we could introduce you to the schools we cooperate with, and make both sides feel less than total strangers before you meet each other in real life.
After you finish your profile, we will contact you and arrange a face-to-face meeting when you arrive Taiwan.

I really hope that "Couchsurfers In Class" will be a very unique and meaningful experience for you in your journey in Taiwan.

Sincerely yours,

William and kids at Daping Elementary School near Kenting
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