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Desire2Learn (D2L), Moodle, and Canvas are fast becoming a few of the more popular LMS options in Canada. G Suite for Education (GSFE) continues to grow in popularity around the world.

D2L: Most organizations cannot afford D2L. It is highly robust but is not necessarily user friendly from an instructor's perspective. Students sometimes find it cumbersome to navigate. Avi has arranged for VIU to provide you a short-term D2L course if there is enough interest in D2L. D2L is now moving to a more user-friendly version (Brightlight, or something like that.) Avi likes D2L, as it has some superb features.

Moodle: One of the most robust LMS options. Moodle is open source and many educational organizations have Moodle on their servers (even if they don't use it). Avi has his own Moodle instance on a Vancouver server for you to use if needed. If you choose to use it, you can keep it and enrol students if you wish. Avi can provide some support to those wishing to utilize his Moodle instance. Moodle is difficult to make look snazzy and can get cumbersome when designing a course. It is, however, a superb LMS and is a favourite of Avi's.

Canvas (by Instructure) is growing in popularity.... for very good reasons. Canvas is sort of a hybrid option, in that it is a "pay-for" service, but is offered for free to teachers (with very few limitations). It is easy to develop courses, and is easy to navigate from a student perspective. Canvas is not as robust as D2L or Moodle, but many teachers find they can live with what it does not have.

GSFE is free to schools and school districts. It is a supremely robust and an easy to use system which provides more security and privacy than regular Google Accounts. GSFE includes Google Classroom. There is some doubt in people's minds if GSFE is a "real" LMS. Avi has been a huge fan of GSFE and continues to be in awe of the integrate-able tools. Avi will try to use GSFE as a LMS in this course.

D2L and Moodle are on Canadian servers; Canvas will have Canadian Servers by the summer of 2017; GSFE is hosted all over the world.

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