BOOfest 2021 Family/Youth Activity Sign Up!
Thank you for expressing interest in our BOOfest activity! Please read through the below as an initial expression of interest about general rules and guidelines. Please answer all questions to complete interest. Upon submission, a member of the Sunfest team will reach out.

This option is only opened to Nonprofits, Schools, and/or Clubs. For Profit businesses must be a sponsor (advertising available) or participate in the Trunk-or-Treat portion of BOOfest.

Our activity area will be offering FREE family focused activities. We are asking clubs and nonprofits to be part of this. The activity offered MUST be Halloween or Fall themed.

Why participate?
* Expose your club to families who may not know about your services
* Most BOOfest attendees will be from the Bartlesville and surround areas..... which could be YOUR target market!
* Able to have a recruiting/marketing booth where you can pass out information
* Short timeframe with BIG reward! 1pm-5pm will be requirement
* Because its a FREE option for you to get out in the public!
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Participants of BOOfest Family Activity Sign Up activity will be responsible for supplying their activity that will be Halloween/Fall themed. Games, crafts, and interactive booths are acceptable. Do you understand this? *
Check in and set up for BOOfest Family Activity will be 11:00-12:00pm. All booths must be in place by 1pm and stay until at least 5pm. Do you understand this? *
Organization promotion must stay within the allotted space for the BOOfest Family Activity. Participants will not be able to canvass the grounds and pass out info/items outside of the space. Do you understand this? *
By submitting this form, you are providing members of Sunfest the permission to contact you about your questions and any other follow up items. You also acknowledge you are the representative filling out this form. *
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