Interview Tips for Successful Primary School Admission 小學面試Tips: 小學校長網上分享會
小學面試Tips—小學校長網上分享會& 面試班

瑪瑞歌特為幼兒提供英語、普通話及廣東話的探究式學習環境,為幼兒打好兩文三語的基礎,提升幼兒的自信心及表達能力。學校亦針對K2及K3的升學需要,設有一系列的小一面試班/小學校長分享會(學校包括Mount Kelly School、Delia School of Canada、漢鼎書院、鳳溪第一小學及葛量洪校友會黃埔學校等),內容針對國際小學、私立直資小學及本地小學面試的策略及技巧,以助學生掌握多元化升學的優勢。

Interview Tips for Successful Primary School Admission - Primary Schools Principals Online Sharing

MAGART provides children with an inquiry-based learning environment in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, lays the foundation for biliteracy and trilingualism, and enhance children's self-confidence and expression skills. The school also provides a series of Primary One Interview Classes / Primary School Headmasters’ Exchange Activities for K2 and K3 (schools include Mount Kelly School, Delia School of Canada, Han Academy, Fung Kai No. 1 Primary School and G.C.E Past Student’s Association Whampoa Primary School, etc.). MAGART aims to help students to gain advantages at international primary schools, private direct-funded primary schools and local primary schools’ interviews with strategies and skills.
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