Winterfest Youth Retreat Staff Application 2017-2018
If you are interested in applying to serve on staff, please complete the following form in its entirety. If you are unable to serve the community this year, you will be missed. Please forward this information and application on to anyone who may be interested in applying for Winterfest staff.

Please note that the Director of Winterfest carefully and prayerfully chooses the staff for Winterfest. Your past history with Dubose or Winterfest is NOT considered during the application process. The best applicants will be chosen based on the amount of staff positions available. Therefore, you need to take this application process very seriously. We anticipate a large number of applicants for a small number of positions available.

Staff positions for SALT staff, small group facilitators, music team leader, spirituality director, music director, and day team leaders are all available. Below, please find details concerning the staff roles:

Salt staff is a group of young adults who graduated from high school the previous year. Winterfest considers SALT staff members full members of staff, but who also simultaneously engage in activities to aid in transitioning them from being "youth" to "adults" within the greater church community. A SALT staff participant will be a member of both the theme and planning groups and also aid in leading a Winterfest participant small group. There is a fee of $65.00 to participate on SALT staff.

SALT Leaders
There will be two SALT leaders whose sole responsibility is to lead and facilitate the SALT staff group. SALT Staff leaders will not lead a small group.

Small Group Facilitator
The small group facilitator is the leader of one small group of youth who meets multiple times through the retreat to discuss the theme, their faith, and their connection to the retreat. The small group leader facilitates the conversation and activities of each group. The main focus of a small group facilitator is the youth and their connection to the theology of the retreat. Youth constantly talk about the importance that their small group has on their Winterfest experience.

Day Team Leader
The following staff members work behind the scenes to make the retreat flow more smoothly. In these roles, there is not as much interaction with the youth, but instead, servant type work. Each leader will lead one day of the retreat, either December 29th, 30th, or 31st. This leader will organize the entertainment, spirituality, music, hospitality, games, activities, etc. of each day. Because of this leadership role, these staff members must be self-starters. They will not facilitate a small group.

Spirituality Director
This person will lead and organize all daily worship, prayers partners, the final Eucharist, morning prayer, compline, and the silent supper. Because of the large amount of work involved with this role, this person will not facilitate a small group. They should be a self-starter and very familiar with power point presentations and the Book of Common Prayer. This person will work closely with the Music Director and the retreat's Chaplain.

Music Director
This person will lead all the music for the retreat. They should be familiar with power point and will work closely with the Spirituality Director and the week's Chaplain. They will need to select songs, learn to display the music, lead a team of staff musicians and incorporate youth musicians into the mix. This person needs to be extremely organized, musically inclined, and energetic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brie at or I am available at 901-848-0853 by telephone or text.

Brie Wallace

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Winterfest staff members are expected to: read and respond in a timely manner to all staff communications leading up to the retreat; be at DuBose beginning at 6:00 pm CST on December 26, 2017, through completed clean up and staff meeting on January 1, 2018; you must be there until everything is finished; uphold the Winterfest covenant that the staff jointly creates during staff training and planning; complete Safeguarding God's Children sexual abuse training online; turn in anyone (staff or youth) who breaks the Winterfest covenant; act like a responsible adult because as a leader you are responsible for creating a safe environment for the youth; be a Christ-like example and leader to everyone at Winterfest. *
I will conduct myself as a positive, responsible role model for the youth of the Episcopal Church in person and online. *
I will complete Safeguarding God’s Children prior to Winterfest. I will follow Safeguarding God’s Children’s guidelines. *
I understand that the Winterfest staff expectations begin when I accept my staff position. If I cannot uphold the staff expectations, I understand my staff position can be terminated at any time. *
Are you interested in applying for Winterfest co-director? If so, please contact Brie Wallace directly at *
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