RAJAPALAYAM RAJUS' COLLEGE, RAJAPALAYAM                INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL (IQAC)       Students Feedback Form on Curriculum-(2019-2020)
IQAC - Students Feedback Form
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1. The Course objectives were clear *
2. The Course workload was manageable *
3. The Course was well organized (e.g. timely access to materials, notification of changes, etc.) *
4. I think I have made progress in this Course *
5. I think the Course was well structured to achieve the learning outcomes (there was a good balance of lectures, tutorials, practical etc.) *
6.Learning materials (Lesson Plans, Course Notes etc.) were relevant and useful. *
7. Recommended reading books etc. were relevant and appropriate *
8. Correlation of Course Credits with the amount of work required *
9. The programme is effective in enhancing team-working abilities. *
10. The programme administration is effective in supporting learning. *
11. The program is effective in developing analytical and problem solving skills. *
12. The design of course is career oriented *
13. Practical Course is adequate and helpful for enhancing skills *
14. The program is effective in developing independent thinking. *
15. The Course could have been improved by: *
16. Any other suggestions
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