Volunteer Application
Thank you for entering the application for all things youth ministry! If you're here it's because you are being called to serve the Young Church and we're eager to put you to work.

This application will be for all areas of youth ministry. The breakdown of volunteer needs are as follows:

Core Team:

- a year commitment to be present on Sunday evenings for Mass & Life Nights
- attendance at one retreat or mission trip throughout the year
- must be 21 or older, per Safe Environment regulations
- open to training and professional development throughout the year
- possess a sincere interest in accompanying young people through the ups and downs of life while being an essential witness of living a life of faith, in all aspects

Peer Witness:

- high school graduate but not 21, but feeling called to serve
- willing to share your witness with the Youth Minister, and possibly core team, and then be called upon, on occasion, to serve and witness during Life Nights or retreats to the youth

Parent Life:
- this group will be needed to provide meals, snacks, and ambiance in between Mass and Life Nights on Sunday evenings
- we will also lean on this group for support during retreats and mission trips
- offer assistance, when possible, with creating the environment needed for Life Nights
- our hope is that this group prays together, prays for our teens, and grows in faith while serving the youth
- DO NOT NEED TO BE A PARENT TO BE PART OF THIS GROUP, just a willing participant in the lives of youth

Prayer Support Team:
- daily prayer offered for the youth of our parish and of our Church
- pray as often as possible during our Life Night weekly meetings and events
- spend an hour in Adoration each week, specifically for the youth

Please complete application. Core team positions will require an interview process. Jennifer Kollasch will contact you to set up those meetings.
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