Highlander Auditorium EDU Facility Use Request
For Upland Unified School District related events only.

To request use of the Highlander Auditorium, please complete the form below. If you have any questions, please email info@highlanderauditorium.com or call (909) 985-9462

You will be contacted by phone or email when your Facility use has been approved.

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Audience Attendance
The auditorium’s total capacity is 1,000 guests.

If the event is ticketed. The User agrees that they will not over sell, print or admit more than 1000 tickets.

All tickets must be provided by the Highlander Auditorium.

The District will provide safe conditions with restrooms for the Estimated Audience Attendance.

The User understands that at no time may a guest stand or sit or in any other way block an entrance, exit, stairway, or aisle way. If a guest is found to be blocking and said areas, the house manager will escort the guest to a seat or appropriate location.

It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that all special guests, participants, performers, etc. that will be sitting in the house during the event are included in the overall house count.

Unless the event is assigned seating, all events are first come first serve basis. There will be no reserved seating by the guests or User permitted. If seating needs to be reserved, the User must arrange this with the house manager, no less than 20 minutes before the house opens.

Ticket sales will only be sold utilizing the provided box office. At no time will tickets to the event be sold on the patio areas.

Signs, banners, or displays are not permitted to be nailed, screwed, tacked, or taped to any walls, doors, surfaces, or windows within the facility. These items will be removed, and appropriate charges necessary to refurbish the damage will be assessed to the User. An authorized Highlander Auditorium staff person must approve placement of these items.

All performers and User representatives shall adhere to standard theater etiquette. Therefore, loud, unruly behavior and/or obscenities will not be tolerated. Any person engaged in such behavior will be ejected from the facility.

The Highlander Auditorium House Manager is completely responsible for the operations of the lobby. The House Manager will be the only person to decide when to open the house and will be responsible for enforcing all current policies. The House Manager may make decisions at their discretion.

Building Times
The start time, in which the User has booked the building, is the time the doors will open first to the User. Not the start of any rehearsal or show.

The start time should be approx. 30-45 minutes before the desired start of any rehearsal.

The start time should be approx. 90 minutes before the desired start of any show.

The stage door will open at the start time to the User only. No member of the performing company or guest will enter the facility with out the User being first to arrive.

The end time is the time the doors will close to the User as the end of the day. Not the end of any rehearsal or show.

The end time must be at least 30 min after the desired end time of any rehearsal

The end time must be at least 1 hour after the desired end time of any show.

Standard policy for opening the front of the house to the public is no less than 30 minutes and no more than 45 minutes prior to the performance. In cases of emergency or special circumstances, the opening of the front of the house may be held for a maximum of 15 minutes. The Highlander Auditorium reserves such a decision. Prior to opening the house, the User shall be so notified by either the Highlander Auditorium House Manager or Production Stage Manager.

No smoking is allowed within the auditorium house, foyer, or backstage areas.

The Highlander Auditorium is not responsible for the loss or damage to any property brought into the facility or left in vehicles. It is the User’s responsibility to secure all property belonging to or rented by the User. Security staff may be required when deemed necessary by the production manager.

No visitors are permitted backstage. Only performers and the staff of the performing company are allowed. Staff of the performing company including volunteers must be identified with either a wristband or lanyard.

Flash photography is not recommended for the safety of the performer.

All animals are not permitted within the house, dressing rooms, or backstage areas. Guests or Users with animals will be asked to remove their animal. Service animals are permitted as required by the American Disabilities Act.

The side doors in the house are emergency exits only, and will not be used as an entrance or exit at any time.

Vehicles are not permitted on campus. If loading or unloading is necessary, arrangements to get an on campus vehicle permit must be made with the production manager.

Helium Balloons are not permitted in the facility at any time. Decorative balloons must be approved in advance.

Food and Drink
Food and Drink are not permitted anywhere within the facility at any time. Bottled water is allowed.

If food or beverage service is required, The Highlander Auditorium holds first right refusal and arrangements must be made 30 days in advance.

Alcohol is not permitted.

All items to be sold must be approved.

Food and Drink (except water) is not allowed inside the dressing rooms, on the stage, in the auditorium, or to be sold. Food and Drink are allowed outside only, or in the green room with prior arrangement. This applies to guests, but performers, judges, special guests, and employees and volunteers of the performing company as well.

All advertising materials must state that your event is being held at The Highlander Auditorium. This includes but not limited to, flyers, t-shirts, programs, radio announcements, and television commercials.

The physical address to the Highlander Auditorium is
850 North San Antonio Ave. Upland, CA 91786

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