Boost Legacy Staff Application

Do you love Rocket League? Do you want to get involved in the Rocket League Esports scene?
We are Boost Legacy, a rocket league community and tournament organization, formerly known as Ghostboosters. We run 2 weekly cash prize tournaments that are 100% seeded utilizing in order to provide the best player experience. We try to create opportunities for our volunteers and players to make a name for themselves.

We are seeking talented individuals to join our organization who of which share our passion for Rocket League and wish to create a unique community and offer fun events and opportunities for our players all across the world.

We are looking for:
- Play by Play Caster
- Color Commentator
- Broadcaster (running cameras)
- E-sports Editor
- Programmer
- Graphic Artist / Content Creator (Weekly ads, Highlight Videos, etc)
- Video Editor (Editing replays, Creating Promo and Intro vids, Managing YT)
- Player Mentor (Work to help players)
- Player / Team Coach (Grand Champ level players interested in coaching)

-=-= Position Descriptions -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Play by Play / Color Commentators
We have open slots for Play by Play and Color Commentators. We hope to give an opportunity to a few talented individuals looking to make a break in the Rocket League casting scene. Training will be provided and previous experience a plus but not required.

E-sports Editors
Provide editorial oversight for our tournaments and events ranging from event summaries and articles for use on the website and other social media. Work as a helping hand to ensure our written and graphical content is optimized.

Work to further develop our website and potentially manage our Discord bot. We would like to replace our existing tools with something more customized to suit our community. Direct programming experience is required to take this position.

Broadcasters / Camera / Production
This role is for an individual with casting experience who is willing to run the main camera for our tournaments. We would rather our casters focus on the play calling and production elements while a 3rd person is controlling the main camera, overlays, team information and any graphics that are shown during the broadcast. Experience with OBS Studio and Twitch required.

Graphics Designer / Content Creators
Interested individuals would work to develop weekly tourney graphics, overlays, announcements and general graphics work as needed. Experience with Gimp or Photoshop necessary. Logo Design experience is a plus.

Video Editors
Interested individuals would work to edit replays, save highlights, create promos, intro videos and potentially manage our YouTube account. We would like to move our in tourney advertisements to a pre-recorded video format.

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