Health Lifestyle Questionnaire
How healthy are you? Do you know how much food affects you, most importantly your ways how you cook your food and what cookware materials you use?

Hello there! If you are wondering, our goal for this form is to understand how healthy you are and how eager you are to improve your current health-lifestyle. Please only fill this form in you are serious about understanding food science (cooking) and how you can improve your health by changing a few kitchen habits (cooking styles, cookware materials, habits etc).
We are serious in helping you, so please give us the most accurate answer. Thank you!

*Disclaimer: Your information will not be used in external marketing or ads. It is processed locally by Nutrinnovation Ltd. and will be in accordance with the GDPR. Sensitive questions are also created in a vague manner to also reduce exact personalisation. We hope this will give you peace of mind when it comes to your personal data. If you ever want your data to be disposed, please email us directly in our Contact Us page.
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I Avoid All The Greens, Reds and Oranges In My Food!
Greens Runs In My Veins
Do Have Any Lifestyle Complications? (Diabetes Type 2, Obesity, Cholesterol Problems etc.) *
Do You Have A Member Of The Family You Want To Improve Their Health Through Eating? (Child, Siblings, Parents etc.) *
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Are You Aware With Some Of The Health Benefits In Eating Vegetables? *
Improves Lifestyle Complications
Improves Immune System
Improves Metabolism, Crucial In Weight Loss
Gives Vitamins And Minerals Essential For The Bodily Functions
Did You Know That Most Of The Nutritional Benefits Are Destroyed With The Traditional Way Of Cooking? (Material Of Cookware, Heat, Light, Water etc.) *
Will You Walk The Extra Mile To Learn More About Food Science (Cooking) To Improve Your/Someone's Health And Diet? *
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