Course Drop Form
Dropping Courses

• Any course dropped within the first 5 weeks of the semester will not be shown on the transcript.
• Any course dropped during the sixth through tenth weeks of the semester will be shown on the transcript as withdrawn (passing) “WP” or withdrawn (failing) “WF.”
• Any course dropped after the first ten weeks of the semester will be recorded as a failure (“F”).

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from a class during any academic term may receive a tuition refund according to the schedule below. Interim and intensives studies will be subject to proportionate adjustment. If a class is canceled, a full refund of all related charges will be made. The pro-rated refund schedule is as follows:

Week Per cent of Refund
1 100%
2-3 80%
4 40%
5 & Beyond None

*Refunds will be sent within two weeks after the submission of the form.
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