2019 SSP Youth Tennis Coach Application
Do you enjoy being on the tennis court?
Do you have experience coaching and/or working with kids?
Are you outgoing and like to have fun?
Do you need volunteer hours? Or want to make a little money this summer?

If YES, you should apply to coach SSP Summer Tennis this summer!

Our South St. Paul summer tennis program runs from 6/9/2019 through 8/8/19 (with no tennis the week of July 4th). You must be available for at least 6 of the 8 program weeks to be a paid coach. If you are going to be gone a lot this summer, we recommend signing up as a volunteer, although we will still need to know your schedule ahead of time.

We are looking for Youth Tennis Coaches on Mon/Wed evenings and/or Tues/Thursday mornings as well as Sunday evenings for those coaching orange ball and middle school program.

Some coaching positions are paid positions and some are volunteer positions. You must be age 16 or older to get paid. Those who have coached or assisted in our programs in the past and were reliable, prepared, and engaging, making tennis a memorable experience for the kids, will be given priority for coaching positions.

Please note: paid coaches are hired as "contracted workers". Paid positions will receive a stipend at the end of the summer. Stipend amounts will depend on your commitment level, but we try to pay a stipend that equals approximately $12-13/hour. Volunteers can earn service hours for CAS or church and will also gain valuable experience for future coaching.

Please email southstpaultennis@gmail.com if you have any questions about applying. Thanks for your interest!
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Coaching Positions
• Head Instructor: Plan, deliver and lead tennis programs; work with Tennis Director, Assistant and Apprentice Coaches.
• Assistant Instructor: Assist in the delivery of program and management of equipment. Help head coach plan if needed.
• Apprentice Coach: Assist instructors with daily lessons and activities and help with equipment.
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No tennis June 30-July 5. Priority will be given to those who are available at least 6 of 8 weeks.
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