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India is a place of Wonder while Mauritius&Reunion is Paradise on Earth.

I'm born and raised on Mauritius Island and for the last 18 years i spend my time between the island and India.

Mauritius & sister island Reunion are stunning holiday destination which is among the most beautiful place on earth. India as we know is an Ancient Land with full of mystical mysteries and spiritual experience.

I propose more than a tour..I bring you a wellness pilgrimage with immersion in Nature, in Holy Sacred Places, a discovery into the ancient culture, a glimpse across the times of Maharajas, the wisdom of Yogis and the vibes of the stunning tropical island vibes.

I am open for collaborations with YOGA and Wellness facilitators who wishes to co-create Touring groups with their clients or students. Alongside the sacred walks i can propose Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance and Forest Bathing Vipassana.

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Note Language is no barrier on your Pilgrimage. I speak English & French fluently.

With Love, Bhavnath
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The Pilgrimages

Consists of: Beach, Island, Forest, Waterfall, Mountains, Hikes, World Cuisine, Scenic Ballads
Availability: APRIL-NOVEMBER

Consists of: Himalayas, Forests, Meditation, Trekking, Dalai Lama

Consists of: UNESCO Heritages, Ruins, Temples, Beach Fun
Note: July & August is Monsoon times in India with lots of Rain, so i don't hold any tours on these months.

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