Art Bar: Open Mic - Sign Up
 Register at least 6 days prior to the reading date (deadline Wednesdays12 midnight the week prior).
 Poetry only on the Open Mic.
 Submit a copy of your poem (unpublished and original) plus other details.
 Sign in at the beginning of the evening.
 3 minutes maximum - penalty points for running over the 3 minute maximum time limit.

The prizes

 On the night - one first prize of $80
 The top ten winners over one year may be published in an Art Bar chapbook.


There are two aspects to judging:

 The poem you submit will be assessed by an anonymous published poet and account for 50% of your total score.
 After you have read your poem, the audience appreciation (applause) will be measured on a decibel meter for 15 seconds - the higher the decibel count the higher the score - the other 50% of your score.

The decision of the your Art Bar host for the evening is final

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