WeCreateEdu Application
This is the application to join WeCreateEdu (WCE). WCE is a community run organization providing support, advice, and informational resources to educational YouTube channels. If your application is accepted, you will gain access to our Slack community. In the Slack, we provide each other feedback, coordinate collaborations, swap scripts, share news and opportunities, celebrate victories, and generally figure out how to become better creators. We have monthly hangouts on our YouTube channel. These hangouts include channel reviews, discussing the latest YouTube and platform news, interviews, and general discussions concerning the issues we face.
The intent of this application is to provide you with more information about the WCE community and us with ways we can help each other. This information will be shared with the group. Members can look up other channels with similar topics, gear, software, missions, goals, or issues and work on things together. This more targeted approach may produce better results than just posting it to all members.
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