Middlebury College New Student Housing Contract

As a full-time enrolled student at Middlebury College, I understand that I am required to reside in College housing. I understand that I am responsible for abiding by the College’s Community Standards (http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/student_policies/community_standards), as well as all rules and regulations outlined in the Middlebury College Handbook. It is expressly understood that violation of policies in the College Handbook or of the terms of this Housing Contract by the resident may result in penalties ranging from a warning to the resident being discharged from the College's residence halls to permanent dismissal from the College.

Where appropriate for the personal safety of the resident(s) and by adherence to the College judicial process, the College reserves the right to remove a student from his/her residence. Students removed from their residence for violations of the Contract will still be held to the financial obligations for the Contract period. In addition, the College may exclude a student from the residences to protect the public health or the health of the student under the policy and procedures outlined in the College Handbook.

Further I understand and agree to the following:

• I understand that my room assignment is binding for each year that I am enrolled as a student at Middlebury College.

• I agree to adhere to the dates of occupancy indicated on the College calendar in the Middlebury College Handbook and as communicated by College officials, and that I will be subject to a $400-per-day fine if I violate these dates.

• I understand that this housing agreement is for a space, not a particular room, suite, or house, and that the College reserves the right to fill any vacancies in my room if deemed necessary. In the event that a vacancy should occur, I agree to live with a roommate assigned to me by the College. When possible, the Residential Systems Coordinator or Commons Deans will attempt to consult with me in making changes in roommate assignments. I am expected to welcome and accept new roommates. If it is determined that I have been difficult with a new roommate or actively tried to create a hostile environment for a new roommate or the community, the Commons Dean will pursue the situation accordingly.

• I understand that room changes are granted on a case-by-case basis after consulting with my Commons Dean and submitting the appropriate paperwork. Participation in an unauthorized room change is subject to official College discipline.

• I agree to return my room key to the appropriate office immediately after vacating my room. If I fail to do so by my departure deadline, I realize I am financially responsible for costs and fines related to the replacement of lock(s) and key(s).

• I understand that I am responsible for all College-owned items in my assigned space and agree to accept financial responsibility for room condition and damaged or missing items.

• I agree not to remove furniture from College rooms. I further agree to follow appropriate check-in procedures when I move into my room and check-out procedures when I vacate my room. When damage occurs within my individual residence and the responsible party is unknown, costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Commons or Dean of the College Office. When general campus damage occurs and the responsible party is unknown, costs will be prorated among all students.

• I agree to be respectful and courteous to my neighbors with regard to noise levels. If I am asked to lower the volume of noise emanating from my room, I agree to do so. When in public areas of the hall (hallway, bathroom), I will speak in an appropriate tone. All noise must be restricted to my room (radios, CD players, music, instruments, etc. should not be heard outside the walls of my room). I agree to hold all my guests accountable to these guidelines and understand that I am responsible for their behavior while on the hall.

• I understand that Middlebury College does not permit smoking in residence halls and that should I violate this policy I will be subject to fines and College discipline.

• I understand that students who choose to live off-campus without authorization - that is, students who are not granted off-campus status but move off-campus nonetheless - will be subject to official College discipline.

• I understand that Middlebury College is not responsible for theft of personal property.

• I agree to abide by safety regulations in order to ensure a safe environment for other students within my residence hall.

• I understand that failure to meet the above guidelines may result in the removal and reassignment of my room.

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