Demigod´s Rebellion: Gaomonteras
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Thank you for your interest in our game. Please answer a few questions. Your opinion will influence the future of the project.
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What is your first impression of the demo? *
change some things
I want more
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not at all
found everything
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What do you think of the story the game tells? *
not my cup of tea
How do you like the different characters, whether friend or foe? *
Did you have fun playing? *
fun fun fun
Were you taught controls and game mechanics well? How was the tutorial? *
easy to learn
Have you often did you explore areas with the flying eye? *
very often
Did you enjoy the combat in the game? *
very much
How do you feel about the difficulty of the game? (Centered means balanced) *
way too easy
way to hard
Graphics & Sound
What do you think of the game graphics? *
very nice
What do you think of the animations in the game? *
could be better
very nice
How do you like the music & sounds in the game? *
could be better
very nice
How well did the game play on your PC? *
very problematic
everything was fine
Did you encounter any crashes or were you stuck somewhere in the game? *
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