* Protect Our Monroe County Water * **NO Pipeline on Peters Mountain**
We, the undersigned, are concerned that an alternate route for the Mountain Valley Pipeline might be under consideration. Both the current route and the alternate route would threaten critical water resources of Monroe County.

The alternate route, titled “Columbia Gas of Virginia (CGV) Peters Mountain Variation” in MVP’s application, would reroute the MVP corridor in Monroe County in order to co-locate its crossing of Peters Mountain with a gas pipeline completed in 2015. We understand that this variation is being considered to avoid crossing the Appalachian Trail on federal lands.

1. Both the CGV Peters Mountain Variation and the current route travel across karst and directly threaten the source waters of Monroe County’s largest public water district, the Red Sulphur PSD (RSPSD)—as well as the private wells and springs that many local families depend on for drinking and agricultural water.

2. Approximately 5,000 people who live and work in the county (more than one-third of the county’s population) depend on safe, reliable water from the RSPSD. This includes residential customers as well as ‘commercial’ accounts, including the county’s only high school, a middle school, elementary school, and preschool learning center; a Monroe Health Clinic facility, two nursing homes, and other medical offices; three volunteer fire departments; and numerous churches, small businesses, and other organizations.

3. The RSPSD already experienced a major drinking water pollution event due to construction of the 12-inch pipeline along the CGV corridor on and close to karst. Co-locating MVP’s 42-inch pipeline on the same route must be prohibited.

4. Extreme steep slopes, karst, and other constructability issues exist on both sides of Peters Mountain, and the region is located in an active seismic zone. These compounded factors make the CGV and the current corridors hazardous choices for pipeline integrity as well as environmental and public safety.

As was pointed out by our community, geologists, and karst experts throughout MVP’s application process, NO pipeline route across Peters Mountain can avoid crossing karst terrain and endangering irreplaceable water resources.

We respectfully call on all responsible parties to prohibit the MVP pipeline from crossing Peters Mountain on either the “Columbia Gas of Virginia (CGV) Peters Mountain Variation” or the current route.

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