Lenten Prayer Journal Survey 

Over the course of Lent, we journeyed together through the Prayer Journal. During those 40 days we looked at our mission and vision, our places and spaces, those in and outside our church, and we asked God to speak to us about how we can use these places and spaces better to do ministry and mission. This is important because this is how we live into God’s vision for our congregation.


In our vision statement we say we will love as Christ by “creating a safe and welcoming space for people to truly feel they belong, meeting people where they are, and building deep connections and relationships without judgment.” We will live as Christ by “building authentic relationships with our neighbors, reflecting and honoring the diverse community we live in, and following a path that leads to being faithful and compassionate disciples of Jesus Christ.” All of this happens in the places and spaces in and around our church.


As we have prayed for God to open our hearts for change and our eyes for opportunities, the Long Range Planning Team wants to learn how God has been speaking to you about the future of our places and spaces.


Please take some time to answer the following four questions. Then return this sheet or fill out the online version by May 14, 2023.

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1) What is the thought, lesson you learned, or vision that has stuck with you or stood out from our Lenten Journey?

2) What are some of the needs of our church family and neighbors God has laid on your heart because of this Lenten Prayer Journal?

3) What do you see as the strengths of how we use our current places and spaces in ministry and mission? How do they build up our church family and build opportunities to build community with our neighbors?

4) How do you see God calling us to use our places and spaces more effectively for current and future ministries and missions?

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