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About CIACLA's Creative Support Platform 

CIACLA is delighted to announce a new call out for CIACLA’s Creative Support Platform - a call out for applications of support to the Los Angeles community of artists, curators, actors, musicians, filmmakers and all Irish & Irish American creatives working in LA or California.

Throughout the year, CIACLA will collaborate with a collection of local and visiting partner artists, organisations and community groups who will be showcasing Contemporary Irish arts programming in Los Angeles.

This call for partnership allows prospective applicants to apply to CIACLA for support through financial, curatorial or marketing support.

Who can we support?

CIACLA's Creative Support Platform aims to support public facing activities and events that showcase Contemporary Irish Arts & Culture in Los Angeles County. We are looking to support artists and promoters working throughout small, medium and large events with our supports.

Some examples:

The activity must either involve Contemporary Irish Culture, or be a cultural activity created by an Irish, Irish American or person affiliated with Ireland.  {ie a theatrical play by an Irish writer, or any play with an Irish person involved etc ]


The an artist themselves whom may be Irish, Irish American or connected with CIACLA’s wide ranging ethos and partaking in a cultural event may apply.


A visiting production / event that meets any of the above criteria and is from Ireland or outside of LA looking for support.

The activity can be a recurring piece of work, a one off event, performance or showcase but must occur in Los Angeles County between 2022 - 2023.

What type of activity?

The activity can be a recurring piece of work, a one off event, performance or showcase.

It can be part of any artistic discipline such as Visual Art, Music, Theatre, Literature, Design, Film, Performance, Dance, Workshops, Talks, Events.

What support can we offer:

Depending on scheduling, workflow and funding available if your activity is chosen CIACLA may be able to support your activity through a variety of:

- Marketing Support
- Curatorial Advice
- Financial Support {Should you require financial support for your event, CIACLA will require to become a producing partner in the event. - further details below in questions}

Depending on level of support CIACLA:
- May become a producing partner, marketing partner or simply an advisor. 
- May request our logo to be displayed on your marketing material and/or thanked on materials & social media.

Application Process
- Due to the level of applications CIACLA unfortunately will not be able to support every application. 
- This is a rolling application process, we advise you to apply asap when you have basic information to enquire what supports we might have available. 

Long Term Partnership
Separately if you are interested in proposing a longer term partnership with CIACLA on a project you are developing please email 

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CIACLA promotes Contemporary Irish Cultural events with a focus on events that promote modern/contemporary Irish culture.

Events that are connected to corporate/commercial led initiatives will require a donation to be made to CIACLA. - For instance cultural events that are part of a program which supports business / commercial events.

Please read CIACLA's mission statement - to learn about the types of events we support.
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Financial Support
Should you require financial support for your event, CIACLA will require to become a producing partner in the event. If you require financial support, how much are you looking for? And explain what it will be used for. Depending on CIACLA's fundraising success amounts of $250, $500, $1000 and $2000 may be available.
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