Falcon Shout-Outs
Want to see your message on our new marquee? Well, here's your chance! Please complete this form at least ONE WEEK in advance in order to have your message run. The starting cost is $10 and cash and checks are accepted. Checks should be made out to AVMS. Payments may be given to the front office.
Your Name *
Type in the first and last name of the person who is ordering this shout-out. If a parent, please also include the full first and last name of your student.
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Date message is to start: *
This date must be a Monday, unless the Monday of that week is a holiday.
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Write out your message below. (Basic message cost $10) *
You may have four lines of text with 22 characters in each line - which includes spaces and punctuation. Make sure to proof read and type out your message below exactly as you wish it to appear. PLEASE PRESS ENTER AFTER EVERY 22 CHARACTERS AND START A NEW LINE. Keep in mind that although the marquee allows 4 lines of 22 characters, shorter messages can display larger and therefore are easier to read.
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Text Color *
Choose one text color.
Additional Options - Outline Color $2
An outline color is an additional $2
Additonal Options - Text Effect $2
A text effect is $2
Additional Options - Background $5
A background is $5. Background images and names can be found on the "Background Images" PDF file which is located with the link to this form on School Loop. There are hundreds to choose from - favorite sports, colors, themes, etc - so you are sure to find one you like! Choose one of the popular choices below or write in the title of the background of your choice.
Total Cost of Your Order and Order Details *
Add up the basic message cost ($10) plus the cost of any additional options. Cash or checks are due one week prior to your message start date.
We Reserve the Right to Make Changes
We will do our best to create a message that meets the criteria you have selected above. In the event that we feel the layout, color matching, etc, makes your message difficult to read, understand that your message display may be altered slightly. We will do our best to stay as true to your requests as possible.
Before clicking submit, please print out a copy of this webpage as a record of your order. Bring in the printout along with your check or cash to the front office at least one week prior to the start of your message.
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