Cress 2016 Entry Form
This is for entry to the 2016 Cress Competition. All questions must be answered properly. If an entry is not fully completed you will be disqualified. Sorry, but it's not the end of the world.
What is your Twitter name? *
Enter your @ Twitter name here. Put the @ symbol at the front of it. Look, this isn't THAT hard.
What is your first name? *
I know this is difficult for some of you, I'm not going to publish this or your surname anywhere, but I have to be able to post the packs to you.
What is your surname? *
Same as before, without this how will you get it from the post office if the postman messes up?
What is the first line of your address *
Come on, you've done this sort of stuff before.
And the second line of your address? *
Not the town or city - that's the next one.
Which town or city do you live in? *
What is your postcode? *
If you're an international entrant this is probably what you call a zipcode.
What country are you in? *
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