2018 Phoenix Festival of the Arts Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Phoenix Festival of the Arts! If you have any questions about volunteering or completing this form, please contact Megan Medrano at volunteer@phoenixcenterforthearts.org.

Some volunteer assignments are only available on certain days and times during the festival. We will try our best to match your requests but you may be reassigned on the day of the event to other areas that are most in need of volunteer assistance. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

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You may choose multiple shifts on the same day. While we will make every effort to match you with the volunteer position that you prefer, you may be reassigned onsite depending on festival needs and available volunteers.
Check the volunteer jobs you'd like to help with
Wednesday, December 5th
Thursday, December 6th
Friday, December 7th (Festival @ 12pm-5pm)
Saturday, December 8th (Festival @ 10am-5pm)
Sunday, December 9th (Festival @ 10am-5pm)
In an effort to conserve paper, we've made our Waiver and Release part of the online form. Minors require consent from a parent/guardian to volunteer - select the third option stating that you are a minor. Should you have any questions regarding the waiver and release or would like a physical copy of this form please contact Megan Medrano at volunteer@phoenixcenterforthearts.org.
I acknowledge I have chosen to work as a volunteer with Central Arts Alliance (CAA), an Arizona nonprofit corporation in partnership with the City of Phoenix (COP). I understand that as a volunteer I am not entitled to any benefits which are provided to employees of CAA and that I will be fulfilling volunteer responsibilities without receiving a salary or hourly wage.

I certify that all volunteer information is true to the best of my knowledge and any misrepresentations may be cause for refusal of placement in a volunteer position. I give CAA authorization to investigate all matters contained in this application, including checking my driving and criminal background. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep CAA advised about changes to contact or emergency information.

I agree to obey all rules, policies, and procedures established by CAA. I understand that my role is to carry out the mission of CAA and if I have any concerns or questions, I will share them with the staff, so that together we will do our very best to drive the organization into a positive future.

I understand that if I am unable to attend on the day I am scheduled, I will contact CAA with as much notice as possible.

I understand that confidentiality is required regarding all contacts, documentation, reports, and any other materials to which I will have access as a volunteer, and I will not discuss or share information or intellectual property of CAA. I agree to protect the dignity of the CAA patrons, clients, participants, audience, and visitors.

I understand and acknowledge that this position can be terminated by CAA at any time for any reason.

I realize that I am a voluntary participant at CAA and accept that there are potential inherent dangers and hazards involved in any participation in activities. I understand that some volunteer related activities can be strenuous and can subject one to risk of serious injury, including death, and know that it is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation. I understand that CAA/COP reserves the right to terminate an individual's use of the facilities at any time, in the sole judgment of CAA/COP, due to the unsafe, disruptive, uncooperative, negligent, reckless, or otherwise improper acts or omissions of, or violation of any policy or rule of CAA/COP. I agree that CAA/COP is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to my personal property, unless due to CAA/COP's negligence or willful misconduct. I agree that CAA/COP's directors, officers, representatives, owners, partners, employees, successors, instructors, and agents shall not be liable or responsible for any and all risk, damage, injury, or death which may occur as a result of (a) my use of all amenities and equipment provided by CAA/COP and/or (b) my slipping and/or falling while in the facility, or on other premises of CAA/COP's including adjacent sidewalk areas- unless due to negligence or willful misconduct. I expressly agree to release and discharge CAA/COP's subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, representatives, owners, partners, employees, successors, instructors, and agents from any and all claims or causes of action that may arise and agree to voluntarily waive any right that I may otherwise have to bring a legal action against CAA/COP for personal injury or property damage, except if arising out of negligence or willful misconduct of CAA/COP. To the extent that applicable laws do not prohibit release for ordinary negligence, this release applies to any ordinary negligence on the part of CAA/COP, its agents, officers, directors, and employees. I acknowledge that I have read this Waiver and Release Agreement and understand that it is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I expressly agree that this release shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.

I grant CAA/COP the non-exclusive right and license to use, re-use, publish, and re-publish my physical likeness in photographs and visual or audio recordings, in whole or in part, separately or in conjunction with other photographs, in any medium or form, now known or that may be hereafter known or devised, for any purpose and in connection with, without limitation, internal and external advertising, publicity, illustration, trade, sale, promotion, and exploitation thereof throughout the world. This license shall be without charge or royalty and for perpetuity. CAA/COP shall have the right to use my name in connection with this license. I warrant and represent that I have the right to grant this license and that I am not a party to any contract or agreement that restricts the grant of this license. I hereby indemnify CAA/COP and hold CAA/COP harmless against any loss resulting from the breach of such warranty. I agree that I will not assert or maintain against CAA/COP, its successors, assigns, and licensees, a claim, action, suit, or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to, those grounded upon invasion of privacy, rights of publicity or other civil rights, or for any other reason in connection with authorized use of my physical likeness as described.

By clicking yes for this waiver and release, I acknowledge that I have read the policies and release, understand all of the terms, and execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance. *
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