Animation - Job Positions with Ownage Pranks [Paid]
OPCREW! I NEED YOUR HELP! I am looking for talented, motivated individuals to join the Ownage Pranks team and help grow things in 2020 and beyond! Our animation team and pipeline is very streamlined, exciting, and fast paced! I need more help to keep up the pace, and ramp things up as we get closer to the new year.

Currently interested in hiring people the following fields:

- Animation Directing / creative assistant (Help manage team of artists and animators, and correspond with people via e-mail, whatsapp, etc)
- Experienced Adobe Animate (Flash) animators
- Experienced Toonboom animators
- Character design artists
- Storyboard Artist
- Background artists / General illustrations

I've also included an "other" field below, if you think you have a unique skill that I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, feel free to apply, and elaborate know what you have in mind in the boxes below.

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What different types of related software (like toonboom, or an adobe product) are you familiar with? How much experience do you have with each? *
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Feel free to include links/references if you have any. If reference material is not currently available, please elaborate further on your experience.
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What (if any) experience do you have with comedy / comedic content?
Having a sense of humor and some comedic intuition usually helps, but is not required.
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