2017-2018 Tigard Choir Leadership Application
Please do not forget the Leadership Form and Recommendations. All Materials are due by June 13 at 3:30 pm.

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Outline of Leadership Roles for Choir
The choir council governs the administrative nuts and bolts of the choir program. Led by the president, the team supports all of the business needs of the choir through council and sub-committee work. The members of the council do not necessarily do all of the work, rather, supervise their own sub-committee of students to effectively organize and execute the work required.

Council and Artistic Team member’s primary purpose is to serve the goals of the choir program. They must have and maintain a positive and supportive attitude toward the choir program and have outstanding attendance to serve as a leader.


Calls and runs regular council meetings
Serves as student liaison to the Parent Board
Serves as liaison to Mr. Hawthorne
Spokesperson for the Choir Program
Helps plan and manage Choir Retreat

Supports President in accomplishing tasks and goals
Serves as President in absence of the President

Takes notes for all council meetings
Manages all permission forms for trips
Communication coordinator for choir
Takes attendance for class and at concerts

Plans choir social gatherings and other team building activities
Oversees Homecoming Dance with Equipment Manager
Works with President to plan Choir Retreat
Keeps an historic record of gatherings throughout the year

Keeps track of all music for choir
Keeps a record and makes spreadsheets of music numbering and distribution
Manages the Music Library

Manages the Robes and Uniforms of all Choirs
Makes sure that the robes and uniforms of all choirs are stored appropriately
Keeps a record and makes spreadsheets of robe assignments
Works with Social Chair & Treasurer to oversee production of choir apparel (shirts, hoodies, etc)

Serves as Treasurer of the Choir
Coordinates the collection of monies from fundraising with Bookkeeper
Serves as a liaison to Bookkeeper on behalf of the Choir Program

Manages set up and tear down of choir rehearsal/performance equipment both on and off campus
Oversees team of people to accomplish work
Works with Auditorium Tech to prepare for concerts

Manages set up and tear down of choir sound equipment both on and off campus
Oversees team of people to accomplish work
Works with Auditorium Tech to prepare for concerts

Oversees creation of all posters and media (traditional and social) communications regarding all performances
Coordinates the videography of all performances
Coordinates the official portraits of all choirs


Runs rehearsals in Mr. Hawthorne's absence
Learns to conduct and rehearse
Conducts at concerts as assigned

Lead by example
Pursue knowledge of sight singing and fundamental music theory
Run sectional rehearsals
Communicate information to their section
Communicate information from the section to the conductors
Help maintain focus in rehearsal

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Explain 2 or 3 ways in which you will help promote, organize, improve, unify, or otherwise contribute (as an officer/section leader) to the Tigard High School Choirs? *
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