HangTime Day Camp - Summer
Richmond Hill Baptist Church
July 22-26 - 8:30am-5pm
August 6-9 - 8:30am-5pm
August 19-23 - 8:30am-5pm

Day Camp Campers - Going to GRADES 6-9
Day Camp Volunteers - Going to GRADES 10-12
Cost per Camp - $60 (Total) or $15 (per day)

What is HangTime Day Camp?
GAMES: Active Games like dodgeball, pool noodle games and more!

FRIENDSHIPS: Make new friends and have fun with them too throughout all our fun activities!

FREE TIME: Ping Pong, Epic Board Games & a Nintendo Switch!

BIBLE STUDIES: We also have interactive Bible Messages and Q&A Sessions for any and all questions you may have!

Note: Youth are required to bring a lunch every day.

This year we have a special promotion happening for our HangTime Day Camps. If a student attends 2 day camps for 3 or more days per camp, then the student can attend the remainder of day camps for the calender year for FREE!!!

Note: This is only for 2019. Free camps will not carry forward into 2020.

List of 2019 Day Camps
January 2-5 - Hang Time Day Camp
March 11-15 - Hang Time Day Camp
July 22-26 - Hang Time Day Camp
August 6-9 - HangTime Day Camp
August 19-23 - HangTime Day Camp

HangTime Day Camp is the best place to volunteer and earn your community hours! You get to play epic games, eat refreshments and gain experience in leadership as you are helping out!

Volunteer spots are limited to the amount of spots remaining. Within a day, after requesting to be a volunteer, you will receive a follow up email as for next steps.

Volunteer Responsibilities
• Free Time – Participate with campers in regular activities.
• Free Time – Set up and clean up Wii U, tables & Board Games.
• Team Games – Lead, Explain and participate in games. Take initiative to set up and clean up supplies.
• Session – Set up videos and Bibles.
• Lunch – Make sure all campers & volunteers are where they should be.
• Refreshments – Prepare & clean up Refreshments for the group.

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