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Westminster National Is in the process of setting up a nine hole indoor golf league this winter. Our goal is to start the league the week of December 14th and play over a ten week period. If you've never played in a indoor golf league it's alot of fun and it can work in around your schedule. Plus it will only take you and your partner roughly 1 hour to play nine holes!

The format will be 2 player teams and each week we will play a different course from around the world as well as change up the format. The only rule with league is you have to get your round in within a week or you won't receive any points.

The cost will be $50 per team each week so $25 a man plus a $40 one time fee per team for weekly prizes.

If there's a specific day and time of day that you and your partner would like to reserve we can block that time over the course of the 10 week league play.

If your interested please fill out the form and a member of our staff will get in touch with you shortly
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