BHS Student Library Survey
Please complete the following questions to help us improve the library!
Thank you for your assistance!
What grade are you in? *
Have you attended a 9th grade library orientation? *
Have you ever visited the library with a class? *
Have you ever checked out a book from the school library? *
Do you ever visit the library during Pilot Break? *
Do you ever visit the library during lunch? *
Do you ever visit the library after school? *
Have you ever gone to the library to get help with your LAUSD email, PIN, or Schoology? *
Have you ever visited the library during class time with a pass from a teacher? *
Have you used the LAUSD Digital Library for research? *
What types of books do you enjoy reading? (You can list genres, authors, titles...) *
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What would make you want to visit the library more often? (Check all that apply.) *
What specific books or genres would you like to see in the library that we currently do not have?
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Are you aware that all LAUSD students can get a Student Success Card from the Los Angeles Public Library (Wilmington Branch)? *
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