IcePay Airdrop#1
White Paper
ICEPAY is a fast growing payment service provider that provides payment solutions to business of all sizes through its multichannel transaction platform.

Active in the payment market since 1999 and equipped with an extensive range of payment products and performance apps, ICEPAY specializes in providing a complete-experience service. ICEPAY simplifies payment processing and reduces lead-time for merchants thus increasing their conversion.

Quick and seamless integration of products, apps and services is possible through a variety of plug ‘n play webshop modules or our advanced Developer API. Security and reliability are guaranteed, backed up by a DNB and Currence certification and a PSD license.

ICEPAY prides itself on having open communication, transparent pricing and passion for customer service. Our clients always come first and we are dedicated to understanding, anticipating and fulfilling their business needs.

Our Vision
To become the premier provider of transaction solutions and products in Europe. We plan to achieve this by optimizing on a proven concept, embracing change and continually adapting our service-oriented architecture.
Our Core Value
√ Driven by relationships
√ Technical excellence
√ Operational integrity
Make online paying easy
If you want to make purchasing your (online) products or services easier, the ICEPAY payment platform offers the solution! From online payment methods to PIN devices and apps. With ICEPAY, you can manage as many payment methods as you prefer in one account.
Guaranteed working payment methods
No stress, uncertainty and financial setbacks because of non-working online payment methods and PIN devices (POS terminals). We guarantee the operation of our systems. If your POS terminal is faulty, you will receive a new device within one working day.
Accept secure payments
Security is one of the key issues when you want to offer payment solutions. We understand this as no other. If you choose ICEPAY, you choose secure payments. ICEPAY is authorised by De Nederlandsche Bank as a payment institution under the European Regulation of the Payment Services Directive/PSD.
Extensive local payment methods for your webshop
Our online payment solutions allow your business to serve consumers all over the world. ICEPAY offers over 25 different payment methods to suit your needs. Increase your sales by offering the most popular local payment methods to your customers. Online bank transfer, credit cards, direct debit, micropayments and POS, we have them all. Simple, secure solutions to get your cash flowing.
Applications Features
Extend your payment portfolio’s capabilities with our extra-performance apps
Are you looking for more flexibility with your payouts, additional features like shipping and online accounting or perhaps advanced security for your credit card products?
Third party apps installed on the ICEPAY transaction platform can be activated in your online account. Expand your payment package with ICEPAY Apps.
Website Modules
Make online payments possible with ready-to-use webshop modules
ICEPAY enables easy, efficient integration through plug ‘n play modules. Now you can offer and accept all payment methods in your webshop or on your website without any hassle. Continuous innovation, regular updates and stringent testing mean you are ensured of the highest quality and very best product, always.
IcePay Airdrop Details
Symbol: IcePay
Max Supply: 30,000,000
Contract: Processing
Limited Participants

500 Icepay Each

Airdrop#1 Instructions
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Donations Exchanges
Help us listed on Exchanges!

0.005 Eth = 500 Icepay
0.01 Eth = 1500 Icepay
0.02 Eth = 3000 Ice pay
0.03 Eth = 6000 Ice pay
0.04 Eth = 9000 Ice pay
0.05 Eth = 20000 Ice pay
0.1 Eth = 50000 Ice pay

Send to this address: 0x8A9dF803aE965900eBf20723F187E247ADEcF9d9


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