Satoshi Stacker - Voiceover Artist Application form
We are currently looking for people who can translate our videos into other different languages!

All languages are welcome, but we are currently very keen in these languages:
- Russian
- Hindi (closed)
- Mandarin
- Turkish
- Dutch
- Italian (closed)
- Portuguese
- Polish
- Bahasa Melayu
- Bahasa Indonesia
- Arabic (closed)
- Vietnamese
- Korean
- Japanese

Want to start your crypto journey full time?

Do you have the commitment, dedication and availability?
This could be your starting step in your very own crypto journey!


How much is paid?
- All prices would be in USD.
Once selected, the pay will be $50 per video produced with an additional $20 when it hits 10,000 views.

- After a probation period, we would want two videos a day to be translated, so that would be 30x50x2= 3,000USD minimum on average every month.

- Payout will be Monthly and in Crypto.

How many videos are necessary to be done per day?
- the videos required to be done per day would be however many Satoshi Stacker produces that day itself. It is essentially going to be a full time job.

- expected working hours will be between 11 AM - 6 PM (GMT+1), and during this time there will be at least one video released, sometimes two.
Any videos outside of the regular working hours will be done at the VOA's own discretion. For example if a video is released after 6pm (GMT +1) and the VOA wishes to attempt it, it would be done at their own discretion.

How much time is needed to per day in terms of commitment?
- as this is a full time job, it would require a commitment of at least 6 hours a day from the Voiceover Artist (VOA) themselves (time includes waiting in standby between videos released)

How much time do I have after the video is released?
- the time to translate it would be ASAP from the time of video released.

- Satoshi Stacker would send the completed video via a private working channel between all the selected Voiceover Artists (VOA) before posting it onto the original channel.

- A good estimate of the time taken to transcribe and translate each video into its respective language pair should not exceed 60-90 mins.

Are we still accepting VOA for _________ Language?
- if the google form is:
> still accessible
> has the particular language

then that means that language is still open for application.

For any questions that the above instructions do not answer:
Message me @Zeilver on Telegram.

All successful applicants will be required to put their name in both the video application as well as the google form application so that we are able to identify you correctly.
Email *
Full Name *
Telegram ID (Compulsory) *
What is your Native Language? *
What Language are you applying for?
Do you have any experience making YouTube videos? If so, what was your channel? *
A daily commitment of effort and time is required from you to make and upload the videos within 3-4 hours of the original video release. Are you up for it?
Audition Video Here
Please download and do a voiceover from the link provided:

(Video + Audio required)
Upload a 5-7 mins video via Wetransfer

- Requirement:
The video should have your voiceover overlaid on top of the original video, and the original audio Muted.

- After uploading your completed video onto WeTransfer, click the meatballs menu (3 dots on the bottom left of the screenshot), and select "get transfer link"

- Copy the link and paste it here

- Please rename your file as: (Your Name) - (Language you applied for) VOA Trial
- Example: Zeilver - Spanish VOA Trial
WeTransfer Link *
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