Team Rohr Powerlifting Questionnaire
Beginning Questionnaire for Team Rohr customized powerlifting training.
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Do you have the ability to grind out weights (slow) or does it have to be fast in order to finish the lift?
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Where is your sticking point on each lift? *
Where do you fail on each lift if you fail?
Bench Press
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How many total days/week can you commit to a training program (with Team Rohr and on your own)? *
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Raw and Equipped (if applicable)
If training at your own facility (other than Team Rohr's facility), please list your available equipment.
Example: Incline Bench, Dumbbells, Power Cage, Chains, etc.
Please describe any training plans you have followed in the past *
If you've never followed one, please put "none"
How did they work for you & What did you like/dislike about them? *
If not applicable, put "n/a"
When would you like your programming to begin? *
At least 7 days notice is required.
Do you have an upcoming competition? If so, what meet and when is it? Will you be competing raw or equipped? *
If no competition, put "none"
How did you hear about Team Rohr Powerlifting?
Please list any additional comments/info that will help us in designing a program for you
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