Litchfield Community Schools ReOpening Survey for Fall of 2020-21
Litchfield Community Schools will provide two options for students returning to school this fall. This choice will be available for every student enrolled in the District to provide the option that fits best for your student and family situation.

Option 1: In-person (traditional) learning at school with safety procedures in place.

Option 2: Online/distance learning at home.

All school districts in our county will implement many common practices during the upcoming school year, but not everything is finalized yet. Completing the survey at this time does not "lock in" a family for good, but having this information will help us to finalize our learning plans and staffing assignments to match the preferred options of our students.

The governor and legislature have determined that the instruction and grading systems return to their normal level of rigor and relevance. This means required work/assignments, online instruction video participation, etc. will be expected of every student in the district.

To allow for this planning to occur, we request the survey be completed by July 29, 2020.

Parent/Guardian's Last Name *
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Number of Students Enrolled at LCS *
In what grades will your students be enrolled in the fall of 2020. Check all that apply. *
For the upcoming school year, what is the preferred format for your child's learning? *
If you selected Option 1: How does your child plan to get to/from school?
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If you selected Option 1: Is there any information or a perspective that you would like to share at this time?
If you selected Option 1, "In-person learning at school", please scroll down and click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of this form.
Option 2 Details: The online/distance learning program for next year will not be the same as the end of last year. The District will provide staff dedicated to the online program. Lessons and assignments will occur on a regular schedule. The lessons will be delivered through an online format. Most of the assignments, quizzes, and tests will also be taken and submitted online. This option will require no in-person contact for the family. Having said that, additional support and services are available when requested by the family.
If you selected Option 2: How long do you intend for your school online?
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If you selected Option 2: Does your child have consistent (every week day) access to the internet to support learning at home?
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If you selected "no" to the previous question, do you need information or help from the District with getting internet access?
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If you selected Option 2: The student will need a technology device (e.g. laptop, Chromebook, tablet, etc.) available to use during the school day. Does the student need to check out a device from the school?
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If you selected Option 2: Please indicate any services or supports your student received from Litchfield Community Schools during the 2019-20 school year. Check all that apply
If you selected Option 2: Is there information or a perspective that you would like to share at this time?
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