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Slackwood is planning outdoor worship services to be held on the back lawn of the church. Services would be held at 9:30am to address the summer heat. Shade would be available both through large canopies and the shade our trees provide. The option of remaining in your car in the parking lot is also available. Masks would be required, social distancing would be practiced, and service length would be reduced. Group singing would be limited. Families would remain together and child care would not be provided. Based upon this description, how likely are you to attend summer outdoor worship? *
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Outdoor Worship will need to include several voluntary positions in order for us to keep everyone safe while creating an enjoyable worship service. Would you be willing to volunteer your time on Sunday mornings? If so, please indicate which duty you'd like to assist with?
If we recorded the outdoor worships service and had them available online, how likely would you watch the services instead of attending in person?
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