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Are you dedicated to the Duolingo forums and language learning community? Do you want to be part of the moderator team? Please fill out the application and you could be the next one to fill a new opening! This information will be visible to staff and some moderators (except for information such as mailing address and shirt sizes). Please make sure your email is valid and correct. A staff member or moderator might get in touch with you for more information before accepting your application.

Fun reading: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204980530
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In order to join, there is some personal info we need from you. We use your address to send you stuff. There is also a chance you will get to have a video chat with a staff member or a veteran moderator to guide you along the way. In that case, you will asked by the person for your video call ID. There are also occasional (optional) group video meetings you can join!
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We're glad to have you! Finally, when submitting this form, you are applying to volunteer some of your time and skill to help others as a Duolingo Forum Moderator. This is an unpaid role and comes with some responsibilities. Have you read (and agree to uphold) the Moderator and Community Guidelines? *
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