Vermont Housing Committee Municipal Survey
Thriving Communities is a statewide partnership of housing, planning, and development organizations to increase awareness about the economic and social benefits of affordable, inclusive housing.

We are compiling a list of existing housing committees (both formal and informal) so we can learn more about what's working in different communities, as well as the housing challenges and needs. Our goal is to create an online toolkit with success stories, best practices, and resources for existing and new committees.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey, or for sending it along to the appropriate person.

If you have any questions, contact Jess Hyman, CVOEO Fair Housing Project Education and Outreach Coordinator, at 802-660-3456 x 110 or

For more information about the Thriving Communities initiative and the Housing Committee Toolkit, visit

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Has your community completed a Housing Needs Assessment? (Housing Needs Assessments generally contain local housing data and an analysis of housing gaps and needs. They are used to plan how, when, and where to address local housing issues.)
Does your community have a Housing Trust Fund? (Housing Trust Funds are distinct funds that receive ongoing dedicated sources of public funding to support the preservation and production of affordable housing and increase opportunities for families and individuals to access decent affordable homes.)
Does your community have a housing committee? (This broad term can be used to describe a municipally-supported committee, subcommittee of the planning commission, resident advocacy group, housing discussion meet-up, or any other group that seeks to support or change the quality, quantity, affordability, and/or inclusiveness of housing in a community.)
If YES, who is the main contact for the housing committee? (Please include the name, email, and phone number)
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If NO, is your community interested in exploring why and how to start a housing committee?
Which of these resources would be helpful to your existing - or future - housing committee? (check all that apply)
What are the greatest challenges to meeting your community's housing needs?
Other comments related to housing affordability in your community:
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Thriving Communities is a partnership of CVOEO, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, Vermont Department of Housing & Community Development, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition, Housing Vermont, Champlain Housing Trust, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Vermont Human Rights Commission, and AARP. Learn more at and find us Facebook @ThrivingCommunitiesVT, Instagram @ThrivingCommunitiesVT, and Twitter @ThrivingVermont.

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