Sprinters Ambassador Application Form
At sprinters we empower diverse women to build their business with confidence. To date we have supported women from 101+ nationalities with the help of our Partners and Ambassadors.

At the sprintup Bootcamp we provide our sprintees all the tools and resources to get focused and moving forward with their idea.
Applications are now open for the next sprintup Bootcamp!

We need your help to spread the message and continue our impact.

We're looking for:
- Change Makers (fluent in English)
- People interested in supporting diversity, tech and entrepreneurs
- Interest in social media
- Bonus if you have design experience
- People who want to support diversity in the tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Official page. https://www.sprintupbootcamp.com/

As an Ambassador:
1. Enhance your skills through experience like Event Planning, Community Building, Networking, Sales + more.
2. Build personal and professional relationships via outreach and networking. You’ll connect & interact with key influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers + more.
3. Through our Ambassador Webpage, Social Media Channels, and Blog, we will showcase your writing contributions and program involvement.
4. Get a personal reference and certificate for your support.

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