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Exemplar Write-Up
What is it?

A flipped classroom model is one in which students are introduced to content that is pre-recorded or made available to them via an online platform prior to a class session. This popular blended learning technique may seem impossible while we are all learning remotely; however, there are some great ways to still make this type of learning possible. Sharing content (video, text, or other) ahead of a live synchronous class meeting can always happen when we are virtual. The sharing of content and even setting up and joining live class meetings now happens on Teams!

Here are some ideas/best practices:

Pre-load content that includes inquiry prompts and formative assessment. Don’t just upload ‘busy work’. Make sure content helps students think deeply, and ensure that via Forms or another tool, you’re able to assess their understanding.

Create an agenda for your time together LIVE. A virtual room full of 30 kids without a plan is a recipe for disaster. Aim to have targeted blocks of time for things that learners can’t do on their own. Discussions that can create deep understanding, a guided lab experiment (send supply lists in advance), etc..
Not every live class needs to be a whole group experience. Use the formative data from your ‘flipped’ content to schedule small groups for targeted instruction. This ‘micro-classes’ are super useful for motivating your students to learn deeply.

Have FUN! After students access content, join a live session to have a group challenge/assessment or just to have some fun. You could use Flipgrid to have students submit favorite songs or jokes, and then have a live jam session or ‘open mic’ comedy show. Relationships are so crucial in these times!
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