Request for Aid in the High Peaks (NY) for those affected by COVID-19
If you are based in the Adirondack High Peaks and would like support and resources due to the effects of COVID-19, please use this form. We will do our best to help. You don't need to pass a test to need aid: everyone is affected by this, regardless of whether you are affected medically.

Please note that we can't guarantee absolute confidentiality as we are working incredibly fast to help our neighbors, but again we will do our best!

If you aren't sure whether you fall in the High Peaks, fill this out anyway.

If you can provide aid, please consider donating to our Mutual Aid Fund here:
and/or fill out this volunteer form:

This form is managed by High Peaks DSA and was created on 3/26/2020, and is based almost entirely on Southern Maine DSA's mutual aid program.

Please email any questions/concerns to
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Please provide as many details as would be helpful. For example, if you need help with bills, let us know the amounts; if you need groceries, is it just delivery or grocery money, too; temporary housing dates, etc. *Knowing the amount you need will help us make sure everyone gets as close to what they need as possible. It is completely private information not shared with anyone other than the volunteers who run the fund.
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This will help us to match you with someone locally who can aid
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