NUS BP Mentoring EXCO Application (AY17/18)
Please provide the requested information by completing this form if you wish to run for AY2017/18 EXCO of NUS BP Mentoring. Should you wish to withdraw your application for the purpose stated above, please notify us in writing to or

Each position have their respective job scopes and responsibilities. Do not run for the job title but run for the position that would best capitalize on your existing strengths!

We understand that at this point in time, you may be afraid that your timetable for AY17/18 Sem 1 may clash with our sessions (Every Wed, 2-4pm). Just fill up the form and we would drop you an email later on!
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EXCO Job Descriptions
In this position, you would be required to: (a) liaise and coordinate with the primary school and BP Singapore and (b) ensure smooth running of the weekly sessions.

In this position, you would be required to: (a) support the President and the EXCO team, (b) coordinate with other CCAs in NUS e.g CSC and (c) ensure smooth running of the weekly sessions.

In this position, you would be required to work with the other coordinator in: (a) planning games for the weekly sessions, (b) taking session attendance, (c) ensure the smooth running of games during the game session, (d) sending emails where required and (e) posting FB attendance poll in the group.

Publicity Director
In this position, you would be required: (a) to take photos during the weekly sessions, (b) upload them on our Facebook group and page consistently after each session as well as (c) engage in content creation as and when required for publicity purposes for our Facebook page and other platforms (e.g posters, videos, comments, message replies).

Given the 5 positions available, please order them in order of your interest for that position. *
There are a total of 5 position available for AY2017/2018: (a) President, (b) Vice-President, (c) Coordinator, (d) Secretary/Treasurer and (e) Publicity Director. Note that indicating "1 (High interest)" for one position alone DOES NOT guarantee you that position.
1 (High interest)
5 (Low/No interest)
Publicity Director
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