So Loved Merchandise
We are so excited to have a brand now! This will be an ongoing fundraiser that will not only give us an opportunity to share about Mercy Mall, but also the message of the gospel! For God SO LOVED the world...and we want the whole world to know that good news! We will be designing super-soft shirts and quality products through A.D. Designs and their's a win-win for you and for the families in crisis we serve!

The link to pay through our online system is at the end of this survey. The mini-store is currently right outside Stacey's office at Mercy Mall, so stop by, say "hi" and shop the goods.

As of 4/1/21, we are offering:
1. Long sleeve So Loved shirts (limited sizes) for yourself? $25
2. Long sleeve So Loved shirt(s) in any size for clients - Special - $20
3. Car decals - $5
4. NEW!! Short sleeve #morefunin21 with Proverbs 17:22

4" x 6" Car Decal
Long Sleeve So Loved Front and Back in Black and Navy
Short Sleeve #morefunin21 shirt (#morefunin21 also on the sleeve)
Our NEW United Plugged-In #MoreFunin21 shirts!
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Long Sleeve So Loved Shirt - What size(s) are you trying to buy for yourself? $25 for each, $2 extra for 2x and up - (these run a bit big)
Long Sleeve So Loved Shirt: How many shirts did you want to buy for a client? Client shirts are $20 ($5 discount)
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Short Sleeve #morefunin21: What sizes did you want to buy?
How many 4" x 6" Mercy Mall car decals for $5 would you like? Free shipping on these. *
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We are currently praying for a volunteer to run this brand! Is that you? In the meantime, please consider picking up your shirt on Mon, Tues, or Thurs between 10 and 3. Stacey will text you to set up a time after your order is ready! We will still offer shipping! How did you want to receive your shirt? *
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