Simulado Professor de Inglês
Organizadora: NUCEPE/UESPI
Concurso: SEMEC Teresina/PI 2016
Cargo: Professor 2º Ciclo - Professor de Inglês
Answer questions 01 to 05, according to text 1.
Brazilian courts tussle over
unproven cancer treatment

Patients demand access to compound
despite lack of clinical testing.

A court in the Brazilian state of São
Paulo has cut off distribution of a compound
that is hailed by some as a miracle cancer
cure — even though it has never been
formally tested in humans. On 11 November,
to the relief of many cancer researchers, a
state court overturned earlier court orders
that had obliged the nation’s largest
university to provide the compound to
hundreds of people with terminal cancer.

The compound, phosphoethanolamine,
has been shown to kill tumor cells only in lab
dishes and in mice (A. K. Ferreira et al.
Anticancer Res. 32, 95–104; 2012). Drugs
that seem promising in lab and animal
studies have a notoriously high failure rate in
human trials. Despite this, some chemists at
the University of São Paulo’s campus in São
Carlos have manufactured the compound for
years and distributed it to people with
cancer. A few of those patients have claimed
remarkable recoveries, perpetuating the
compound’s reputation as a miracle cure.

The Brazilian constitution guarantees
universal access to health care, and it is
common in Brazil for patients to turn to the
courts to access drugs that the state healthcare system does not dispense because of
their cost. But phosphoethanolamine
presents a different situation because it is
not really a ‘drug’ at all. It is not approved by
Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency.

Those who argue that people who are
terminally ill have a right to try experimental
medicines saw a decision in favor of a patient in October 2015 as a significant
victory. But to the university administration,
drug regulators and cancer researchers, it
showed blatant disregard for the basic
scientific principle that a drug should be
demonstrated to be safe and effective before
being given to patients outside of a clinical

Source: Nature 527, 420–421 (adapted). Access:
March 21st, 2016.

Questão 01
According to the text, the reason why the compound phosphoethanolamine wasconsidered as miracle cure is *
2 points
Questão 02
According to the text, drug regulators andcancer researchers in Brazil are *
2 points
Questão 03
According to the text, turning to the courts inBrazil to access drugs that the state health care system does not dispense is *
2 points
Questão 04
Which word is similar in meaning to “tussle”as in the sentence “Brazilian courts tussleover unproven cancer treatment”? *
2 points
Questão 05
The pronoun this (in bold type in the 2ndparagraph) refers to *
2 points
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