Winter Storm 2020: RSVP
This year's Winter Storm will take place January 14-16 and 21-23. For details about the schedule and program, check out the website: Thank you for taking a few minutes to RSVP. It makes our planning much easier!
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UMD department, or other affiliation.
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Social lunches *
Do you plan to attend lunch, 12-1pm? On days without talks, this time will be reserved for meeting and catching up with fellow language scientists.
Invited speakers
Do you plan to attend the lunch talks by invited speakers?
Food restrictions
Write-on-site ("Cocoaloquium") *
Do you plan to join the write-on-site sessions (9-11am each day)? We need to know how much coffee and cocoa to brew!
Bonus write-on-site
Would you be interested in lengthier write-on-site sessions on days when no other Winter Storm activities are scheduled? It would be 3-4 hours with coffee, cocoa, and light snacks provided.
Professional development and communication *
Which of the following sessions do you plan to attend (11am-noon)? These are primarily intended to benefit students, but faculty participation is extremely welcome.
Research groups *
Research discussion/reading groups will meet 1-2pm each day. Which of the following groups would you be most interested in joining? If you'd like to start your own group, use the "other" option to let us know.
Analysis workshops *
Methods/analysis workshops will meet 3:30-5pm each day. Which do you plan to attend?
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