Awesome Foundation Singapore: Trustee Call
We are currently seeking new Trustees and a new Coordinator at Awesome Foundation Singapore. Come join in the fun and help bring more awesome to Singapore! Learn more about our work at

Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

TRUSTEES: Awesome Foundation Singapore is only what the trustees make of it, so we expect all of our trustees to be excited and engaged. At minimum, you're expected to contribute $100 every month, read through each month's applications, and attend (to the best of your ability) our monthly deliberation meetings. Bonus points for taking a lead on spreading the word about the Awesome Foundation to new audiences, organizing events, and bringing your crazy new ideas!

COORDINATOR: The coordinator leads/oversees our social media, marketing, event, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks. The coordinator is not expected to contribute money to the monthly grant pool, unlike Trustees. You'll gain unique experience in helping an informal collective do some good in the world, and get to meet and work with an eclectic group of Trustees and Grantees from all across Singapore.

We pride ourselves on having a fun, friendly, and (obviously) awesome group of trustees. Won't you join us?

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We're looking for trustees involved in new communities we don't have a connection to yet. What new networks (professional/hobby/social/cultural) can you help us spread the Awesome message to?
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Tell us what excites you the most about joining the Singapore chapter of the Awesome Foundation.
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We get submissions in a wide range of disciplines (art, engineering, science, public service, anthropology, music, etc. etc.) -- we need trustees that can help us vet them successfully. Also include other skills that you can bring to the table!
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How much free time do you have to devote to the Awesome Foundation? Be honest with yourself. The primary commitment is one meeting/month, but extra energy is necessary to keep things Awesome!
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