Ampersand Facilitator Training: Contact & Communication
Welcome! We are really happy that you've decided to do spend time with us with us for a while.

Please note - this form collects some logistical information from you - but you also need to enter your information directly on the website below to enroll in the program.
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We're going to set you up with a login to the P-P-T website (Virtual Guild hall), and we'd like you to think of a Guild Name. Your Guild name should be something that inspires you to be the best you can be. What is your greatest strength? When you think of yourself traveling all over the world, or nurturing newcomers to your city to become a part of civic life, or creating dynamic learning activities that has them on the edge of their seats - what's a word that describes you?

Here's a recommended formula for a Guild Name: (FirstName/Nickname)+(AdjectiveDescribingYourBestSelf)+(YourDreamJob)


You can mess with this a little, but keep your first name at the beginning, to help us identify you, and to ensure your Guild Name is unique. Your Guild Name is your username to the website, below.

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