Spirit of the Game - SICKO
Fill this form in once per game.

Plz plz make sure you select yourself or your opponent from the correct division. (Open) or (Mixed)

When filling out the spirit form remember that a score of 2 is average. If you put 0 or 4 it’s expected that you add a comment. If you’re consistently giving teams 0 or 4 points a category then you’re going to skew the results.

If you have any questions come to the TD desk.
Division *
What team are YOU? *
Who were your OPPONENTS? *
Fouls and Body Contact *
They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays.
Rules Knowledge & Use *
They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. They kept to time limits. When they didn’t know the rules they showed a real willingness to learn.
Fair-Mindedness *
They apologized in situations where it was appropriate, informed teammates about wrong/unnecessary calls. Only called significant breaches.
Positive Attitude and Self-Control *
They were polite. They played with appropriate intensity irrespective of the score. They left an overall positive impression during and after the game.
Communication *
They communicated respectfully. They listened. They kept to discussion time limits.
Comment Box
IMPORTANT if you have selected 0 or 4 in any category. Please explain in few words what happened. Compliments as well as negative feedback will be passed to the teams in the appropriate manner.
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