Sistas-Wit-Style "We Dance From Our Heart" Carnival 2020
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Sistas-Wit-Style(SWS) Terms and Conditions- You must be in a Sistas-Wit-Style 2020 Costume or t-shirt to participate in the San Francisco Carnival parade (t-shirts are not permitted in the Hollywood Carnival parade).Carnival applications are not valid without the application and retainer fee (50% down on your costume). and confirmation email from Sistas-Wit-Style, Inc. All costumes remain the property of SWS until costume has been paid off in full and collected (Final payment due no later than May 2nd). Wire bras are only available A-C cup sizes. Costumes are not to be used for your own promotional or commercial purposes. We kindly ask that you refrain from recording our carnival dance workshop. Choreography taught by SWS is intended for the road or scheduled performances. Choreography is not to be used without written consent from SWS Management Team. Breaking these terms will result in legal action. We have provided an extensive selection of costume designs and add-ons to satisfy our masqueraders diverse Carnival needs. To protect our creative vision no additional costume pieces or designs will be permitted on the road with Sistas-Wit-Style. All payments are NON REFUNDABLE. Costumes and sections can not be changed after 5 days of completing the carnival application. No changing of measurements or sizes. Payments can not be transferred to another masquerader and payments cannot roll over to future years or carnivals. Masqueraders will be advised when their costume is available to collect via our distribution schedule in email, website and/or social media platforms. All uncollected costumes will be forfeited. Each masquerader will have 1 band fee credit applied with the purchase of a SWS costume. Participation in an additional carnival requires an additional band fee.
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