2017 Survey
We are asking the community to help us assess our programs so that we can serve you better. The Hanna Learning Centre serves a remote and rural area of east central Alberta including communities of Hanna, Delia, Youngstown, Cessford, Byemoor, Endiang and the areas between.
What areas of service have you used from the Hanna Learning Centre? *
Career & Employment Services and Labour Market Information
Job Board/Job Search/Resume/Cover Letters/Interview Prep/Time Management Skills
Learning & skill development (ie: computer training, webinars, GED Prep, Standard First Aid, workplace safety)
Professional Development through job related education or upgrading courses
Post Secondary Support/Learning/Exam Invigilation
Support for self-directed learning (online or coaching support)
Free Use of a Computer with Internet Access
Adult Literacy Program (free coaching for adults in reading, writing, math, English language)
Family Literacy Programs (1-2-3 Cook With Me, Books Alive, Ready to Learn, Books for Babies)
Rural Alberta Business Centre (one-on-one support, workshops, Women Out Working (WOW) Network, CBIN, Cash Mob)
Collaboration and support for community partners such as local business, Parent Link, AB Health Services, Academic Express, McMann Day Homes, Growing Families Society for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Community Building Initiatives mobilizing community partners to identify issues/needs and bridging service gaps (ie: Elder Abuse, Family Violence, Community Garden, Kids in the Early Years)
Community Information and Referrals to Services and Agencies
Volunteer Hanna – info & support for non-profit organizations and volunteers, meeting space, referrals
Aroundhanna website for community groups
How do you find out about programs and services at Hanna Learning Centre? *
Hanna Program and Activity Guide
Outdoor Sign
Email from friend or co-worker
Facebook – facebook.com/hannalearningcentre
Website - hannalearning.com
TV Kiosks at medical clinic, arena, hospital
Word of Mouth
Are there any other ways in which you have found out about our services?
Your answer
Please answer the following questions. *
I need info on where to get support for family violence or elder abuse.
I would like to get help with reading, writing, math or English.
I need tools and strategies to support my child's early learning.
I need help with forms and finding information on government programs and services.
I need help with career/educational goals/planning.
I would like support for business start-up, growth or succession strategies.
I need to upgrade or complete my high school education.
I need support accessing online learning.
I need to know program information, student aid and requirements for post secondary education.
I am interested in taking post secondary programs - *
If interested in taking post secondary, list which programs are of interest.
Your answer
What types of courses would you like to take at the Hanna Learning Centre? *
Intro to Computers/Internet
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Personal Finance
Workplace Skills
Business Management
First Aid
WHMIS/Transportation of Dangerous Goods
ATV Safety
H2S Alive
Health and Wellness
Dog Obedience
List any other courses.
Your answer
What are the challenges or barriers for you to access learning? *
Low Income/Cost of Course
Difficulty learning
List any other challenges or barriers.
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What are the priorities that we should continue to address?
Your answer
Any emerging priorities in our future?
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Do you have any other comments about the Hanna Learning Centre?
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Email address for our monthly e-newsletter?
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For contact information on programs and services call 403.854.2099 or go to hannalearning.com
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