IHS ASB Request for Continued Club Recognition
This form must be completed each school year, and submitted to the finance office, for ASB governing board approval, in order to operate as a school-affiliated club.
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Name of club wishing to continue to be recognized as a school affiliated club *
Faculty Club Sponsor *
Membership Qualifications *
Club meeting date (must meet monthly) *
Officers for the 2019-2020 school year (last year) *
Our club will benefit Independence High School by: *
Is your club constitution on file in the Activities Office? *
Please read the following statement, check off each item and sign and date; I wish for my club to be considered for school affiliation. I understand that the following legal requirements and school regulations are now being observed and will continue to be observed in the future. This charter is subject to all regulations applicable to student organization and conditions stated in the application for a charter. Violation of any of these provisions will be sufficient cause for the charter to be revoked. *
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