What Lies Dreaming podcast
In general, would you be interested in hearing "What Lies Dreaming" podcasted?
If it wasn't available publicly, would you be willing to pay $1/month for 2-3 chapters per month? Given a quality comparable to the sample chapters already podcasted: ie - just me doing all the voices, no sound fx or music.
Would you be willing to pay $2/episode (each episode = 1 chapter, or 2 short chapters) for a quality boost that includes different voice actors for each character, and a few bare-bones sound effects.
Would you be willing to pay more for episodes with different voice actors for each character, plus many FX and background ambiance, and occasional background music?
If a basic version of the podcast episodes are made available on a six month delay for free, would this reduce your willingness to support the paid version of the podcast?
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